Cold Brew Coffee – the perfect coffee break for summer

Cold Brew Coffee: the perfect coffee break for summer

Cold Brew Coffee is a beverage whose origins seem to date back to Japan in the 1600s. In the East, they liked to prepare this coffee drink by percolating cold water through ground coffee powder.

The result was a concentrate with almost no fat, which made it a long-life product suitable for travelling.

Cold Brew Coffee

An extraction system that has come down to the present day, optimised and perfected by means of special “Cold Brew Coffee Maker”.

Cold Brew Coffee: The Invention of Toddy

In 1864, American chemist Todd Simpson patented the Toddy, a more versatile system than the classic percolation coffee maker and still one of the most popular systems for preparing Cold Brew Coffee today.

With Toddy, the extraction is done by infusion in cold water and 12 hours of rest are required to obtain a real coffee concentrate that can be diluted with cold water or milk.

How to prepare it at home?

Pour some roasted and filter-ground coffee into a jug; for one litre of drink, we recommend using about 60 grams of filter-ground coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee

Add water.

Stir with a ladle.

Cover and let stand 12 hours in the fridge.

Cold Brew Coffee

Take the infusion out of the fridge and stir it with a spoon before straining.

Strain the infusion into a bowl using a cheese cloth or, if you don’t have one, you can use tights.

Cold Brew Coffee

Accessories, variations and tips

For a small investment, you can also buy jugs and bottles with the filter already built in, so you can easily prepare a delicious iced coffee at home in just a few steps.

You simply need water and filter coffee.

Whichever extraction method you choose, serve in a glass with ice.

You can add other ingredients such as milk and vegetable alternatives from soya milk to coconut milk for an even tastier drink.


Cold-brewed coffee, thanks to the slow percolation that does not use high temperatures, is already low in bitterness, so we recommend that you do not add sugar to savour the full aromaticity of the coffee.

Besides being a great solution for your summer coffee break, the advantage of Cold Brew Coffee is its shelf life, in fact you can leave it in the fridge for up to 2-3 days!

With the extra coffee you can create ice cubes to serve directly in milk.

Happy Coffee and Happy Summer to everyone!