The new Costadoro Social Coffee in Paris

The Costadoro Social Coffee located at 91 Rue de Rivoli, in the city of the Eiffel Tower, has officially opened in Paris, very close to the Louvre Museum.

Regarding this project, CEO Giulio Trombetta states: “We wanted to take an additional step to promote our expertise in what we have been doing for over 130 years and at the same time spread the Coffee Culture internationally, making the end customer more aware through an experiential approach.”

Now, those who want to savor excellent coffee even beyond national borders, in one of the most romantic cities in the world, can do so by rediscovering the same flavors of Italy. At Costadoro Social Coffee, there will always be a smile, along with the range of distinctive coffees, to recall the tastes and aromas of Italy even abroad, taking a journey through the five senses, discovering the characteristics of the world’s most well-known beverage: coffee.

Wood, iron, and industrial-style pipes give the venue a distinctive style, furnishing it with essential materials and clean lines that leave space for the undisputed protagonist: Costadoro coffee.

In the spaces of the Costadoro Social Coffee in Paris, the RespecTo blend is served, 100% organic Arabica, compostable, and fair trade, with a classic coffee menu complemented by an all-Italian menu featuring traditional dishes.

B Corp: Costadoro obtains B Corporation certification

B Corp: Costadoro obtains B Corporation certification

Costadoro S.p.A. was among the first companies in Italy specialised in the coffee sector to obtain the B Corp Certification, which recognises companies that operate according to the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

After the achievements of the past years in sustainability and social responsibility, Costadoro is one of the first companies specialised in the coffee sector in Italy (the third after Illy and Nespresso) to obtain the coveted B Corp Certification, awarded to companies that are committed to observing the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability and that operate with respect for all stakeholders involved in the system: from suppliers to customers, passing through employees, with particular attention to future generations.

B Corp

B Corp: for a company to call itself excellent, it must also be excellent socially, which is why Costadoro decided to embark on this virtuous path

The B Corporation Certification also represents a great challenge for the company, namely to demonstrate that it is possible to do business while respecting society and the environment: “creating value while respecting values“.

This achievement is the merit of the entire company because all departments and all people have been involved.

Ethics and sustainability have always been respected, but today the commitment is different and we will measure ourselves year by year to improve.
Along the way, the help of Nativa Regenerative Innovation Company, a consultancy company specialising in this field, has been crucial, in addition to the expertise of everyone involved and the project managers.

There has been a lot of work, and it has also been formalised by obtaining the status of Benefit Company with the amendment of the Articles of Association, which took place on 14 March 2023, by the Notary Francesca Morotti Astore, where it was officially sanctioned that the objective of Costadoro S.p.A. is not only economic but also social.

B Corp

A good company a make better coffee

Being sustainable means operating in a responsible manner throughout the entire supply chain, starting from the suppliers of raw materials, passing through its employees, up to the end customers, never forgetting the impact on the environment and society.

Furthermore, special attention is given to the world of young people by offering them rewarding work opportunities and above all by transferring to them what are the founding values of Costadoro S.p.A.

A good company to make an even better coffee. A special thanks goes to all the people at Costadoro who had the courage and intuition to take this direction. B Corporation Certification is a source of pride for the company, but it is also a great challenge, namely to demonstrate that it is possible to do business while respecting society and the environment: “creating value while respecting values”. Ethics and sustainability have always been respected, but today the commitment is different and we will measure ourselves year by year to improve.

These were the first words of CEO Giulio Trombetta

With the B Corporation Certification, other markets will be reached and many other entrepreneurs will be inspired, bringing Italian excellence and value to the world: this is a source of great pride for the management and employees of the Turin-based company, which not by chance belongs to the Exclusive Brands Torino network, which brings together the best of like-minded companies in the area.

Cold Brew Coffee – the perfect coffee break for summer

Cold Brew Coffee: the perfect coffee break for summer

Cold Brew Coffee is a beverage whose origins seem to date back to Japan in the 1600s. In the East, they liked to prepare this coffee drink by percolating cold water through ground coffee powder.

The result was a concentrate with almost no fat, which made it a long-life product suitable for travelling.

Cold Brew Coffee

An extraction system that has come down to the present day, optimised and perfected by means of special “Cold Brew Coffee Maker”.

Cold Brew Coffee: The Invention of Toddy

In 1864, American chemist Todd Simpson patented the Toddy, a more versatile system than the classic percolation coffee maker and still one of the most popular systems for preparing Cold Brew Coffee today.

With Toddy, the extraction is done by infusion in cold water and 12 hours of rest are required to obtain a real coffee concentrate that can be diluted with cold water or milk.

How to prepare it at home?

Pour some roasted and filter-ground coffee into a jug; for one litre of drink, we recommend using about 60 grams of filter-ground coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee

Add water.

Stir with a ladle.

Cover and let stand 12 hours in the fridge.

Cold Brew Coffee

Take the infusion out of the fridge and stir it with a spoon before straining.

Strain the infusion into a bowl using a cheese cloth or, if you don’t have one, you can use tights.

Cold Brew Coffee

Accessories, variations and tips

For a small investment, you can also buy jugs and bottles with the filter already built in, so you can easily prepare a delicious iced coffee at home in just a few steps.

You simply need water and filter coffee.

Whichever extraction method you choose, serve in a glass with ice.

You can add other ingredients such as milk and vegetable alternatives from soya milk to coconut milk for an even tastier drink.


Cold-brewed coffee, thanks to the slow percolation that does not use high temperatures, is already low in bitterness, so we recommend that you do not add sugar to savour the full aromaticity of the coffee.

Besides being a great solution for your summer coffee break, the advantage of Cold Brew Coffee is its shelf life, in fact you can leave it in the fridge for up to 2-3 days!

With the extra coffee you can create ice cubes to serve directly in milk.

Happy Coffee and Happy Summer to everyone!

Costadoro Social Coffee lands into the Principality of Monaco

After Turin and Genoa the “Costadoro Social Coffee” format lands into the Principality of Monaco

On 17 June 2022 Costadoro has inaugurated a new Costadoro Social Coffee in Monaco, a space where coffee is the absolute protagonist.

Costadoro Social Coffee

75 square metres of internal and external space, 4 professional baristas, for a place truly dedicated to Coffee Culture.

Designed for those who want to enjoy an excellent cup while learning at the same time something about the raw material, its methods of roasting and preparation of this magical drink.

Costadoro Social Coffee

The format

At Costadoro Social Coffee the barista will interact with the customer telling the characteristics of the proposed coffee, while explaining how it is prepared and which equipment is used.

New methods of extraction and consumption will be proposed and customers will have the possibility to taste organic blends, single-origin and Specialty coffees in the various extractions from espresso to filter, up to cold brew coffee.

Costadoro Social Coffee

Carefully selected and trained with the best refresher and specialization courses at the Costadoro Coffee Lab Academy in Lungo Dora Colletta in Turin, held by professionals of the caliber of Cristian Tetro – head of Franchise training, the staff is at your disposal to answer any question and guide you to discover a vast and exciting world that constantly revolves around the coffee bean.

Costadoro Social Coffee

Fairtrade in Costadoro: the premium of 22.300 euros

Fairtrade in Costadoro

About Fairtrade…hat do you think about when you buy a coffee? The taste, the quality, the price or a combination of these? Through your choices you can make a difference.

In fact, by choosing a Fairtrade certified product you can influence the situations of many people. Fairtrade products improve the living and working conditions of many families in developing countries.


How does Fairtrade work?

Fairtrade coffee producers don’t work alone but are organized in cooperatives with different advantages: they are aware of the commercial value of their coffee being able to better negotiate the price, they buy the working tools in community and thanks to the exchange of information they learn from each other.

Fairtrade guarantees a minimum price that covers the costs of production representing a security for the producer in times when the prices of the stock exchange are low.

From the beginning of 2019, through July 2021, Fairtrade organic coffee was paid to producers, on average, 53% more than the exchange cost.

An additional benefit is the Fairtrade premium, a sum of money received in addition to the minimum price, which the farmers and workers themselves decide how to spend. They can choose to improve production techniques, build roads and infrastructure.


Costadoro and the premium of 22.300 euros

Thanks to the sales of the Costadoro RespecTo line, the 100% Arabica blend coming from Organic and Fairtrade cultivation, the prize awarded thanks to Costadoro in 2021 was 22.300 euros (in 2019 the Costadoro Fairtrade premium amounted to 15.500 euros while in 2020 to 12.500 euros).


The stable income decreases the risk of child labor, which is prohibited by Fairtrade standards as forced labor.

In addition, Fairtrade promotes environmental protection by actively banning GMO products and ensuring the proper use of water.

“We are in this together!”

Exclusive Brands Torino tells its story at Expo Dubai 2020

Exclusive Brands Torino tells its story at Expo Dubai 2020

Exclusive Brands Torino, the first network of top-range Made in Italy companies founded in 2011 and promoted by Unione Industriali Torino, as part of its collaboration with the Monaco Pavilion, of which it is Official Partner at Expo Dubai 2020, has chosen to be present, even if not physically, with an online appointment scheduled for Thursday 17 February.

Exclusive Brands Torino

The Press Conference

In particular, an institutional Press Conference has been organised and will be broadcast on the Network’s YouTube channel at 3pm on 17 February 2022, during which the President of Exclusive Brands Torino Paolo Pininfarina and the Vice-President Paola Bertoldo will illustrate the mission and the peculiarities of the Network and explain the terms of the collaboration with the Monaco Pavilion.

Albert Croesi, Commissaire Général of the Monaco Pavilion will also be present for a brief greeting. 

The meeting will be moderated by Giulia Pescara (Unione Industriali Torino).

Exclusive Brands Torino

The Network of top-range Made in Italy companies devotes a talk show on the theme of sustainability

 This will be followed by a Talk Show during which some of the members of the Network will discuss the topic of “sustainability” – introduced by Dario Casalini of Oscalito, author of the book “Vestire buono, pulito e giusto. Per tornare a una moda sostenibile” – and how this topic can represent a unifying element even for different and apparently distant production activities, such as food, design and technology, fashion. 

The participants of the Talk will be, for the food sector, Umberto Trombetta of Costadoro and Stefano Borromeo of Galup, for the technology and design sector Paolo Pininfarina of Pininfarina, Alberto Parini of Arti Grafiche Parini, for the fashion sector Alessandra Girardi of Vanni Occhiali and Paola Bertoldo of l’Opificio.

Exclusive Brands Torino

 Inside the Monaco Pavilion, where Exclusive Brands Torino is present from 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2022, the event will be broadcast in real time on dedicated screens.

The exhibition of the Limited Edition composed of 14 products, created specifically to celebrate this partnership following the agreement signing in 2019, will also continue until the end of the fair.

“The participation in Expo Dubai 2020 as Official Partner inside the Monaco Pavilion represents for Exclusive Brands Torino an example of winning international collaboration and a great opportunity for visibility and promotion of high-level Made in Italy that has further improved the performance of the network, with a foreseeable positive impact on turnover and exports. With the Principality of Monaco, the Exclusive Brands Torino network shares the same values of internationality, exclusivity and excellence”.

declares Paolo Pininfarina, President of EXCLUSIVE BRANDS TORINO.

Exclusive Brands Torino looks forward to seeing you at 3pm (italian time) on Thursday 17 February on YouTube.

Project supported by UniCredit as a sponsor.

Caffè Costadoro on Amazon Marketplace

Caffè Costadoro is now approaching Amazon Marketplace

Caffè Costadoro, young and dynamic Company, is now approaching the B2C business, on Amazon Marketplace.

You will find on Amazon Marketplace our premium coffee blends: Costadoro RespecToCostadoro Arabica and Decaffeinated.

amazon marketplace

Costadoro, born in Turin in 1890, is specialized in the production of roasted coffee for the HO.RE.CA sector.

The care and attention we use when producing our coffee has allowed to achieve a leading role in international markets. Today the Costadoro brand is a firmly established point of reference for the spread of Italian coffee culture around the world.

Costadoro’s innovative coffee production process respects a century-long tradition whose marks of distinction are sourcing, roasting and selection combined with the use of advanced technologies and constant scientific research.

On the online Amazon Profile you will find our unique and special blends ready to be tasted for your pleasure.

In the aim to satisfy all our consumers, we have decided to offer our products both in beans and ground for filter coffee, espresso and moka.

Black Friday Lattina Costadoro RespecTo

Here a description of our blends, available on Amazon Marketplace

Costadoro RespecTo: 100% Arabica premium blend from Nicaragua, Colombia and Mexico. All these origins are grown organically and from a FAIRTRADE certified supply chain, fully respecting the environment and the manufacturing ecosystem.

Costadoro RespecTo blend was awarded the gold medal at the International Coffee Tasting 2019, organized by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (liac).

Costadoro RespecTo blend has good body and hints of chocolate and biscuit with a pleasant acidity reminiscent of red fruits.

Costadoro Arabica: from Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala and Ethiopia. All our coffees are washed and natural.

This blend is enriched by a distinct aroma of spices, with flavours of hazelnutchocolate and rhubarb.

Characterized by a mildly pronounced acidity reminiscent of red fruits and with a very low level of bitterness.

Costadoro Decaffeinated: 100% Arabica decaffeinated blend.

Costadoro S.p.A. is really keen on sustainability, this is the reason why it has recently presented its first report of Corporate Social Responsibility referred to all activities carried out up to 2019.