Caffè Costadoro on Amazon Marketplace

Caffè Costadoro is now approaching Amazon Marketplace

Caffè Costadoro, young and dynamic Company, is now approaching the B2C business, on Amazon Marketplace.

You will find on Amazon Marketplace our premium coffee blends: Costadoro RespecToCostadoro Arabica and Decaffeinated.

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Costadoro, born in Turin in 1890, is specialized in the production of roasted coffee for the HO.RE.CA sector.

The care and attention we use when producing our coffee has allowed to achieve a leading role in international markets. Today the Costadoro brand is a firmly established point of reference for the spread of Italian coffee culture around the world.

Costadoro’s innovative coffee production process respects a century-long tradition whose marks of distinction are sourcing, roasting and selection combined with the use of advanced technologies and constant scientific research.

On the online Amazon Profile you will find our unique and special blends ready to be tasted for your pleasure.

In the aim to satisfy all our consumers, we have decided to offer our products both in beans and ground for filter coffee, espresso and moka.

Black Friday Lattina Costadoro RespecTo

Here a description of our blends, available on Amazon Marketplace

Costadoro RespecTo: 100% Arabica premium blend from Nicaragua, Colombia and Mexico. All these origins are grown organically and from a FAIRTRADE certified supply chain, fully respecting the environment and the manufacturing ecosystem.

Costadoro RespecTo blend was awarded the gold medal at the International Coffee Tasting 2019, organized by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (liac).

Costadoro RespecTo blend has good body and hints of chocolate and biscuit with a pleasant acidity reminiscent of red fruits.

Costadoro Arabica: from Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala and Ethiopia. All our coffees are washed and natural.

This blend is enriched by a distinct aroma of spices, with flavours of hazelnutchocolate and rhubarb.

Characterized by a mildly pronounced acidity reminiscent of red fruits and with a very low level of bitterness.

Costadoro Decaffeinated: 100% Arabica decaffeinated blend.

Costadoro S.p.A. is really keen on sustainability, this is the reason why it has recently presented its first report of Corporate Social Responsibility referred to all activities carried out up to 2019.




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