Fairtrade in Costadoro: the premium of 22.300 euros

Fairtrade in Costadoro

About Fairtrade…hat do you think about when you buy a coffee? The taste, the quality, the price or a combination of these? Through your choices you can make a difference.

In fact, by choosing a Fairtrade certified product you can influence the situations of many people. Fairtrade products improve the living and working conditions of many families in developing countries.


How does Fairtrade work?

Fairtrade coffee producers don’t work alone but are organized in cooperatives with different advantages: they are aware of the commercial value of their coffee being able to better negotiate the price, they buy the working tools in community and thanks to the exchange of information they learn from each other.

Fairtrade guarantees a minimum price that covers the costs of production representing a security for the producer in times when the prices of the stock exchange are low.

From the beginning of 2019, through July 2021, Fairtrade organic coffee was paid to producers, on average, 53% more than the exchange cost.

An additional benefit is the Fairtrade premium, a sum of money received in addition to the minimum price, which the farmers and workers themselves decide how to spend. They can choose to improve production techniques, build roads and infrastructure.


Costadoro and the premium of 22.300 euros

Thanks to the sales of the Costadoro RespecTo line, the 100% Arabica blend coming from Organic and Fairtrade cultivation, the prize awarded thanks to Costadoro in 2021 was 22.300 euros (in 2019 the Costadoro Fairtrade premium amounted to 15.500 euros while in 2020 to 12.500 euros).


The stable income decreases the risk of child labor, which is prohibited by Fairtrade standards as forced labor.

In addition, Fairtrade promotes environmental protection by actively banning GMO products and ensuring the proper use of water.

“We are in this together!”


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