The new Costadoro Social Coffee in Paris

The Costadoro Social Coffee located at 91 Rue de Rivoli, in the city of the Eiffel Tower, has officially opened in Paris, very close to the Louvre Museum.

Regarding this project, CEO Giulio Trombetta states: “We wanted to take an additional step to promote our expertise in what we have been doing for over 130 years and at the same time spread the Coffee Culture internationally, making the end customer more aware through an experiential approach.”

Now, those who want to savor excellent coffee even beyond national borders, in one of the most romantic cities in the world, can do so by rediscovering the same flavors of Italy. At Costadoro Social Coffee, there will always be a smile, along with the range of distinctive coffees, to recall the tastes and aromas of Italy even abroad, taking a journey through the five senses, discovering the characteristics of the world’s most well-known beverage: coffee.

Wood, iron, and industrial-style pipes give the venue a distinctive style, furnishing it with essential materials and clean lines that leave space for the undisputed protagonist: Costadoro coffee.

In the spaces of the Costadoro Social Coffee in Paris, the RespecTo blend is served, 100% organic Arabica, compostable, and fair trade, with a classic coffee menu complemented by an all-Italian menu featuring traditional dishes.


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