An ancient extraction method giving a rich full-bodied coffee infusion. The Syphon uses boiling water and then filtering. It’s a fascinating process and makes for a unique experience, not only in terms of taste.

Preparation times



What do you need


Carafe of preheated water

Costadoro Coffee or Costadoro Ground Filter Coffee (6 g per 100 ml water)




Kitchen scales


Discover the method Syphon

phase 01

Prepare the Syphon

Fill the lower chamber of the Syphon with pre-heated water (preferably filtered or bottled). Here we’re using 500 ml. Insert the metal filter into the top of the Syphon, and use the hook to secure it in place. Insert the upper chamber into the lower.

phase 02

Weigh the coffee and star

Start to heat the Syphon and bring the water to a boil. Weigh out 30 g of medium ground Costadoro coffee beans.

phase 03

Insert the ground coffee and start extraction

When the water boils, put the ground coffee into the upper chamber of the Syphon and put the cap on to prevent heat loss. The process lasts several minutes and during this time the boiling water rises into the upper chamber and mixes with the coffee. The stirrer can be used to facilitate this process.

phase 04

Complete extraction and filtering

Once all the water has risen into the upper chamber, let infusion continue for 40 seconds. Remove from the heat and allow the infusion to filter back into the lower chamber. Finally, remove the upper chamber and serve the coffee directly from the Syphon.

Best Costadoro's coffee for method Syphon


100% Arabica blend, balanced and characterized by slightly pronounced acidity and a very low level of bitterness.

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