Extraction methods Brewing

The word “brewing” covers the fascinating varied world of filter coffee, that is, coffee extraction methods using either percolation or infusion.

For example, filter coffee (one of the oldest coffee extraction methods but enjoying a new lease of life in recent years and for many young people a real lifestyle choice) is based on percolation, in other words, the passage of a liquid through a porous mass.

The first materials used for this were linen cloths. The filter coffee revolution started with a Dresden housewife called Melitta Bentz. Instead of using the usual linen cloth as a filter, the enterprising Melitta used a sheet of paper from her son’s notebook, with surprising results.

Today there are a number of different filter extraction methods. In general, ground coffee is put into a paper filter inside a perforated container which goes on top of a carafe. Water at about 94° is poured and allowed to percolate through the ground coffee. Special filter machines or equipment can be used for manual extraction and this practice, hand-brewing, is very common in Northern Europe and the United States.

The recommended quantity of ground coffee is 60g / L with a contact time of 2-5 minutes depending on the method used and personal taste. A light-bodied beverage reminiscent of a pleasant herbal tea is the result.

Automatic Filter Coffee Maker

To prepare good filter coffee quickly or as a takeaway or for many people, an automatic coffee maker will give you plenty of coffee in a short time. All you need is one tin of Costadoro Arabica Filter Coffee and a thermos flask to preserve the quality.

French Press

Also known as a Melior, coffee from a French Press can be made to suit your taste, and different intensities can be obtained by varying the infusion time. Handy, practical and easy to use, the French Press is an ideal introduction to filter coffee.

Cold Brew

Already in use in 18th century Japan, the Cold Brew method produces an intense concentrated coffee, extracted by a special cold water drip system. The coffee retains all the flavours of the blend with low levels of bitterness. Enjoy on the rocks, or even diluted with other drinks.


Aeropress, is an innovative and versatile device that uses manually applied air pressure to extract the best properties from the coffee. Try out the inverted method too, for an infusion with maximum taste intensity.


These days the V60 Dripper is used for traditional filter coffee - it gets its name from the angular sides of the filter. All the aromas are enhanced as the V60 Dripper filters the coffee into a single cup or a jug to share. A pleasure to enjoy and admire.


The original Chemex coffeemaker, a much-loved design all over the world, extracts the coffee and preserves all the intensity of the blend, and so enhances the aromas. Total enjoyment, even during preparation.


An ancient extraction method giving a rich full-bodied coffee infusion. The Syphon uses boiling water and then filtering. It’s a fascinating process and makes for a unique experience, not only in terms of taste.

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