CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

The decision to address the topic of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) stems from the awareness that for a company to be excellent now, it must also be “social”.

Costadoro has always been in step with the times and attentive to the needs of people and the environment, highlighted by its clear development path in this sense and has consequently, adapted.

Today, our commitment cannot and must not be exclusively aimed at profit.

Doing good in all areas is fundamental for the good of our planet and the company.

The decision to address the topic of CSR stems from the awareness that for a company to be excellent now, it must also be “social”. Costadoro has always been in step with the times and taken care of the needs of people and the environment, highlighted by its clear development path in this sense and has thus, adapted. In the Nineties, it was enough to make a good cup of coffee, in the 2000s, the coffee had to look good as well while from 2010 to date, it must also be socially useful.

Giulio Trombetta – MD of Costadoro S.p.A.

The commitment for the future

CSR – The basic principles

The coffee market is a complex and extremely delicate system. The value of this product is quoted on the main stock exchanges in the West and is the second most traded raw material worldwide after oil. This is a position that exposes it to substantial risks of financial speculation.

Consequently, in addition to a number of other factors, such as climatic conditions and crop trends, the price of coffee is subject to significant fluctuations, which negatively affect the “weak links” in the chain: those who depend on coffee for their livelihood.

Farmers, traders, processors, exporters, roasting houses, cafés and supermarkets: there are many steps and actors involved.

Costadoro has always been profoundly aware of its role. Added to this is an even more far-reaching responsibility towards customers, employees, partners and the sales force, as well as towards the protection of the environment through sustainable actions.

For this reason, the company has chosen to embark on a path of care, protection and respect on a social, environmental and economic level, divided into a series of initiatives concerning both the product and, more generally, the field in which Costadoro operates.

CSR – The RespecTo project

Costadoro RespecTo sums up in a cup a long chain of values that from the harvest of the beans extends to the end product.

Values which can be summed up in the respect for the principles of ethics and human solidarity on the one hand and eco-sustainability on the other.

A twofold value demonstrated by the Organic and Fairtrade certifications for this product.

The Organic certification ensures that production has taken place in full compliance of the rhythm of the seasons and land rotation, as verified by specific outside certifying bodies.

Fairtrade is the most recognised ethical brand in the world and its main objective is to support the most disadvantaged workers in developing countries, allowing them to take part in the trading system in conditions of transparency and fairness to improve their living conditions.

Costadoro RespecTo’s approach of solidarity and eco-sustainability obviously does not detract from the aspects that more closely concern quality from an organoleptic and olfactory point of view. Guaranteeing quality and goodness for Costadoro means adding value to the people who process, experience and produce the product with passion.

CSR Costadoro RespecTo

The commitment towards the environment

Environmental themes occupy a key role in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Costadoro and are achieved through a series of important initiatives linked to various sectors, such as restructuring the industrial site, waste disposal or creating “plastic-free” areas.

CSR Costadoro Sede di Torino

The commitment towards people

  • Families: the entrepreneurial family is that institution in which members are educated to be entrepreneurs and in which the values of responsibility, initiative and generosity are held to the highest account. In Schumpeter’s words, the entrepreneurial function is not linked to the possession of a thing but the possession of rare qualities. And we believe that this quality can be handed down the generations.
  • Employees: one of Costadoro’s most important resources are its employees. For this reason, a substantial part of the company’s most recent investments, especially the expansion of the industrial site, has been used for the well-being of all staff in many different ways.
  • Sales force: the same commitment also typifies Costadoro’s relations with the sales force, based on a partnership that includes not only the commercial aspects, but also those of training, the working environment and human relationships.
  • Customers: respect for customers is also essential in every aspect of the relationship.
  • Suppliers: similar concepts are applied to relationships with suppliers, starting with suppliers of raw materials, complying strictly with the principles of fair trade. Concepts that, in the case of the coffee production chain, take on a meaning and crucial importance, since the product comes largely from countries with glaring social inequalities.
Formazione nella Costadoro Academy

The commitment towards the community

Costadoro is a company that can trace its roots back to its long history in an area and a community towards which it maintains a bond of commitment and responsibility. As a result, for many years Costadoro has been involved in initiatives for organisations which support the most disadvantaged categories.

Costadoro’s active part in the social fabric of the area is also demonstrated by initiatives in the most diverse sporting, cultural and social spheres.

Costadoro’s CSR annual reports


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