Our history

A lot goes into each cup of coffee we produce. And behind it all is a long process beginning with the selection of the finest raw materials, followed by sophisticated roasting processes and culminating in the best equipment and training we can offer our baristas.

Because behind every cup are 130 years of history and love for coffee. And a single purpose – ensuring that every cup of coffee at a Costadoro coffee bar offers a unique, pleasant and memorable experience.

Turin 1890

This is the story of a great Turin brand that started out in 1890, when the sale of roasted coffee beans was the preserve of a small number of experts. Costadoro di Beccuti is named after its founder Oreste Beccuti, whose small coffee-roasting business caters for retail customers and soon becomes a reference point for lovers of good quality coffee in Turin.


Fratelli Trombetta & C. is founded, and after two generations of dedication to coffee roasting will join forces with Costadoro.


Caffè Abbo from Pinerolo enters the market, and gains a reputation for the highest quality – a reputation that, a few years later, will become part of Costadoro.

Piattino e tazzina Costadoro


This is when the Costadoro we know today begins to evolve. Fratelli Trombetta & C., Caffè Abbo and Beccuti merge under a new brand name and form a joint stock company.


The Master Club Coffee blend is launched - supreme quality and made entirely of Arabica beans, it is aimed at the professional market.


Acquisition of the Torrefazione Orcafè.


As the centenary year approaches, Costadoro grows, specializing further in supplying cafés and businesses and equipment maintenance.


Costadoro is one of the most widely-consumed coffees in Turin, the first choice of over 1,000 coffee-bar owners for its quality and popularity with the public.


Costadoro continues its initial advertising campaign - a combination of traditional knowhow and intense flavour lighting up the coffee-bars of Turin.


Costadoro’s first Côte d’Azur office opens in Nice under the name Master Diffusion sarl


Acquisition of the Torrefazione San Francisco

Logo Costadoro Coffe Lab Academy


The Costadoro Coffee Lab Academy is born.


Costadoro Monaco SAM is set up.

 Costadoro Coffe Lab


A new top-quality 100% Arabica blend, Costadoro Coffee Lab, is launched, so too a new line of bar accessories, minimalist and refined in design.

Diamante Torino


The Costadoro Coffee Lab Diamante opens, on the premises of Turin’s historic Palazzo Bricherasio. A real gem of a building in the heart of the city


Coffee Costadoro Barcelona SL, the company’s Spanish sales subsidiary, opens and its quality excellence wins over more and more foreign markets.

Costadoro Social Coffee


Costadoro is the official coffee at the Principality of Monaco pavilion at Expo Milano 2015. The well-established excellence of Costadoro and the renowned elegance of the Principality, together at the biggest international event of the year.


Costadoro officially becomes part of "Exclusive Brands Turin", Piedmont’s network of high-profile companies.

Merchandising Costadoro


Costadoro’s new factory premises open in Lungo Dora Colletta, Turin.

Stabilimento Costadoro Torino


The Costadoro Social Coffee franchise is set up: the new frontier in conscious coffee consumption.

Logo Social Coffee Factory


The Costadoro Coffee Lab flagship store in Turin’s historic Palazzo Bricherasio becomes the "Costadoro Social Coffee-Factory".

Attestato Cribis


On September 3, 2019 Costadoro is given "CRIBIS Prime Company" certification for “maximum commercial reliability”. This is based on the CRIBIS Rating, a dynamic and constantly updated indicator of company performance.


Costadoro becomes a certified B Corp, becoming part of a group of companies that respect high standards of social and environmental impact.

Logo Caffè Costadoro


A great Italian company recognized throughout the world, with a solid century-long tradition and an eye fìrmly on the future.

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