Costadoro Social Coffee

In 2018 the Costadoro Social Coffee franchise was set up

Joining the “Costadoro Social Coffee” world guarantees each franchisee constant support from a well-structured team with a range of professional skills available.

In addition to support in the pre-opening phase, we continuously monitor the quality of the outlets in order to ensure uniformity.

This creates a network of franchisees who are part of our extended family; one that’s continuously growing and evolving.

Making your business part of the development of this project means becoming an exemplar of Italian catering, and building a really successful operation.


Costadoro Social Coffee

The Costadoro Social Coffee concept is the result of an ambitious project, first envisioned in 2018, for the international brand Costadoro to create its own coffee shop. The idea was to bring together the finest quality food and beverages, primarily coffee, with young, innovative yet fashionably-refined interiors, communicating easy-going involvement and creativity to the customers beyond the counter. Costadoro had the support of a team of world-renowned experts working on the project to create and develop a new coffee shop concept, making the coffee utterly central and spreading an idea of conscious consumption through quality products, professionalism, hospitality and innovation and bringing the Costadoro Experience alive for the customer.


Interno Bar Diamante Torino

Support: during the operating period with marketing operations, guidance, exclusive materials and events.

  • Design: personalized by the Costadoro Design Department.
  • Merchandising: gadgets and other products.
  • Guidance: enabling you to start your business with professional help.
  • Choice of location: all options examined to find the best.
  • Operating manual: detailed with full instructions for each procedure or preparation method.
  • Continuous training: keeping up-to-date with new trends while not forgetting the basics.
  • Assistance: for all the most useful information and answers to your questions.
  • Marketing and Communication: advertising campaigns, social media and graphic design.
  • Banking advice: special agreements with major national and international credit institutions.

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