Costadoro Social Coffee Franchising: dedicated to coffee lovers!

For those wishing to get closer to the world of coffee and entrepreneurship, Costadoro offers the opportunity to open franchises through the franchising system.

It includes a service that can cover all aspects, from finding the location, design, construction, to coaching in the start-up phase.

A team of experts will be able to turn your ambitions into reality.

Becoming part of the “Costadoro Social Coffee” world guarantees each affiliate the constant support of an articulated work team, which makes its professionalism available.

In addition to support in the pre-opening phase, we offer continuous monitoring of the quality of the stores, aimed at ensuring the uniformity of the offer.

With the Costadoro Social Coffee franchise a network of affiliates is formed, considered part of our large family; family in continuous growth and evolution.


The Costadoro Social Coffee Franchising project perfectly embodies the maximum expression of Costadoro's fundamental values: RESPECT: carrying out activities without causing damage to the planet and people - EXCELLENCE: pursuing excellence in products and processes - CULTURE: spreading the culture of coffee combining tradition and innovation.

One of the delicious preparations of the Costadoro Social Coffee

Classic breakfast proposal

Tray with macchiato coffee and double naked espresso

The Chemex extraction method

A cold preparation based on coffee and milk

Aperitif proposal

Some sweet proposals

A proposal for lunch


Detail of a wall of the Costadoro Social Coffee in Genoa

A detail of the interior of the del Costadoro Social Coffee Factory in Turin

A detail of the interior of the del Costadoro Social Coffee Factory in Turin

Barista at work at the Costadoro Social Coffee in Genoa

Baristas at work at the Costadoro Social Coffee Factory in Turin


The Costadoro Social Coffee Concept is the result of an ambitious project that started from the principle of creating and developing a new concept of the cafeteria, where coffee is the absolute protagonist, spreading an idea of ​​conscious consumption through the quality of the products used, professionalism, hospitality, and innovation. The term "Social" plays a fundamental role in conveying that the concept not only provides the opportunity to increase awareness of quality and the factors that characterize it but also involves the customer at 360 ° by making him participate during the various stages of preparation. The modularity and flexibility of the format also allow you to adapt the project to different sizes and space solutions, even creating just a kiosk within a limited area or for example inside a shopping center.

A moment of training in the Costadoro corporate headquarters

Training in the Costadoro Academy Lab

Latte Art course at the Costadoro Academy

A moment of training in the Costadoro Academy

The Costadoro Academy Lab

Brazilian cupping during a training course

A detail of the spaces of the Costadoro Academy


Personalized t-shirt and apron

Personalized T-shirt and bag / backpack

Costadoro Social Coffee branded take-away set

Trammezzino door for take-away with Costadoro Social Coffee logo

Salad holder and take-away bags with the Costadoro Social Coffee logo


The Costadoro Social Coffe Franchising project includes a wide range of branded and personalized merchandising for your affiliated restaurant: uniforms, professional aprons, cups, mugs, placemats, cutlery, gadgets ... every detail is never left to chance, to make your truly unique and special Costadoro Social Coffe!

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