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Coffee Genoa

The reference point for all Coffee Lover in Liguria


Piazzetta Banchero, 216154 - Genoa - Italy
Monday 7:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 7:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 7:00 - 20:00
Thursday 7:00 - 20:00
Friday 7:00 - 20:00
Saturday 7:00 - 20:00
Sunday 8:00 - 13:00/
15:00 - 20:00


Costadoro Social Coffee in the city of Genoa: a real place dedicated to coffee culture for those who want to enjoy an excellent cup, while learning something about the raw material and its roasting and Preparation. At Costadoro Social Coffee the barista will talk to the customer and explain
the characteristics of the coffee he is offering him, but also how and with what tools he will make it. The new methods of preparation and consumption will be proposed and it will be possible to taste the organic blends , the Single-origin coffees and the Specialty Coffee in the various extractions from the espresso to the filter, from Brew to Drip Coffee.


At the counter of the Bar , made of completely recycled iron and wood, the Costadoro RespecTo 100% Arabica Bio and Fairtrade blend, Specialty Coffees and Single Origin coffees are available to combine with a wide choice of extraction methods : Espresso, Chemex, French Press, V60, Cold Brew, Moka and Napoletana. In search of your perfect coffee!


In industrial style - with wood, iron, pipes and taps in evidence - the place uses essential materials to highlight the real protagonist of the scene, coffee. eco-sustainability is at the center of the project: from reconditioned antique wood from the disposal of roofs and roofs of huts and houses in the area, up to take-away glasses in 100% compostable material and the presence of free-water stations available for customers to quench their thirst and fill up their water bottles.


Carefully selected and trained with the best refresher and improvement courses at the Costadoro Coffee Lab Academy in Lungo Dora Colletta in Turin, held by professionals of the caliber of Fabio Verona - Quality Manager and Costadoro Training, the staff is at your disposal to answer any questions and guide you to discover a vast and exciting world that constantly revolves around the coffee bean.


Did you like Costadoro Social Coffee in Genoa? Would you like to open a Costadoro Social Coffee concept too?


Did you like Costadoro Social Coffee in Genoa? Would you like to open a Costadoro Social Coffee concept too?

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