B Corp

B Corp certification verifies and ensures that a company operates to the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

B Corp

To define itself as excellent, a company must also be excellent on a social level and this is why Costadoro has decided to embark on this virtuous path.

The B Corporation Certification also represents a great challenge for the Company, namely demonstrating that business can be done while respecting society and the environment: creating value by respecting values.

This result is thanks to the whole company since all the departments and all the people were involved.

Ethics and sustainability have always been respected, but today the commitment is different and we will measure ourselves year after year to improve.

Being sustainable means operating responsibly along the entire supply chain, starting from the suppliers of raw materials, passing through one’s own employees, up to the end customers, never forgetting the impact on the environment and society.

Furthermore, particular attention is given to the world of young people by offering them rewarding job opportunities and above all by transferring to them the founding values ​​of Costadoro S.p.A.

A good company to make an ever better coffee. A special thanks to all the Costadoro people who had the courage and intuition to take this direction.

These were the first words of CEO Giulio Trombetta

B Corp: what is it about?

The  B Corporation  (or B Corp ) is a certification, widespread in 78 countries and 155 different sectors, issued by  B Lab , a US non-profit organization.

B Corporations form a global movement of companies that believes in business as a positive force for people and the planet and that works to create a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic paradigm.

Certified B Corporations are companies that meet the high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency verified by the non-profit B Lab.

The commitment for the future

The coffee market is a complex and extremely delicate system. The value of this product is listed on the main Western Stock Exchanges and, globally, it occupies second place among the raw materials traded immediately after oil; a position which exposes him to substantial risks of financial speculation.

For this reason, as well as for a series of other factors such as climatic conditions and harvest trends, the price of coffee can undergo significant fluctuations, which have negative repercussions on the “weak links” in the chain: those who depend on coffee for their livelihood.

Farmers, traders, processors, exporters, coffee roasters, bars and supermarkets: there are many stages and actors involved.

Costadoro has always been deeply aware of his role. Added to this is an even wider responsibility also towards customers, employees, collaborators and the sales force, as well as for the protection of the environment through sustainable practices.

For this reason, the Company has chosen to embark on a process of attention, protection and respect on a social, environmental and economic level, articulated in a series of initiatives regarding both the product and, more generally, the context in which Costadoro operates .

CSR – The RespecTo project

Costadoro RespecTo sums up in a cup a long chain of values ​​that goes from the collection of the beans to the product served.

Values ​​that can be summarized in respect for the principles of ethics and human solidarity on the one hand and eco-sustainability on the other.

A double value testified by the Bio and Fairtrade certifications for this product.


The Bio certification ensures that the production took place in full compliance with the rhythm of the seasons and the rotation of the land, as verified by specific external certification bodies.

Fairtrade is the most recognized ethical brand in the world and its main objective is to support the most disadvantaged workers in developing countries, allowing them to enter the trading system in conditions of transparency and fairness to improve their living conditions.

The supportive and eco-sustainable approach of Costadoro RespecTo certainly does not disregard the more strictly qualitative aspects from an organoleptic and olfactory point of view. For Costadoro, guaranteeing quality and goodness means enhancing those who work, live and produce that product with passion.

Commitment to the environment

Environmental issues play a key role within Costadoro’s Corporate Social Responsibility and are implemented through a series of important initiatives linked to various sectors, such as, for example, the restructuring of the industrial site, waste disposal, the creation of “plastic-free” environments or the use of electric vehicles.

Commitment to people

  • Families: the entrepreneurial family is that institution in which members are educated to be entrepreneurs and in which the values ​​of responsibility, spirit of initiative and generosity are held in the utmost account. In Schumpeter’s words, the entrepreneurial function is not linked to the possession of a thing but to the possession of rare qualities. And we argue that these qualities are transmissible between generations.
  • Employees: one of Costadoro’s fundamental resources are its employees. For this reason, a substantial part of the Company’s latest investments, first of all the expansion of the industrial site, has been used for the well-being of all personnel under the most diverse aspects.
  • Sales force: the same commitment also characterizes Costadoro’s relations with the sales force, based on a collaboration that includes, in addition to the commercial aspects, also those of training, the work environment and human relations.
  • Customers: respect for customers is also essential, in every element of the relationship.
  • Suppliers: similar concepts are applied to relations with suppliers, starting with raw material suppliers, strictly adhering to the principles of fair trade. Concepts which, in the case of the coffee production chain, assume a decisive meaning and importance, since the product comes in most cases from nations with strong social inequalities.
Formazione nella Costadoro Academy

Commitment to the community

Costadoro is a company that has the roots of its long history in a territory and in a community towards which it maintains a bond of commitment and responsibility. For this reason, for years Costadoro has been involved in initiatives for organizations in support of the most disadvantaged categories.

Costadoro’s active presence in the social fabric of the area also takes the form of initiatives in the most diverse sporting, cultural and social fields.


Note on certification

The ‘B Corporation Certification’ is a mark that is licensed by B Lab, a private non-profit organisation, to companies that, like ours, have successfully passed the B Impact Assessment (‘BIA’) and thus meet B Lab’s requirements in terms of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

It is specified that B Lab is not a conformity assessment body within the meaning of Regulation (EU) No 765/2008 or a national, European or international standardisation body within the meaning of Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012. The BIA criteria are separate and autonomous from the harmonised standards resulting from ISO or other standardisation bodies and are not ratified by national or European public institutions.

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