Extraction methods

At Costadoro we know that sometimes changing one small detail can make a world of difference.

For this reason, besides our traditional espresso, we are constantly doing research into innovative extraction and preparation processes.


Espresso is probably one of the most popular hot beverages, and not only in Italy; a daily ritual that takes us through the day: an initial boost on waking up, during breaks at work, after a good meal, chatting with friends ... at home, at the bar, in the office. But like any magic ritual, it must be prepared with skill, care and passion.


Discover brewing and filter extraction: a quality alternative for the barista to offer intense and personalized taste experiences with a difference.


One of the easiest extraction methods to use is the moka, one of the best known and most commonly used in Italian homes and beyond. Discover with Costadoro how to prepare the perfect moka.

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