Bar Consultancy

The success of a bar is not limited to the administration of an excellent coffee. Discover the exclusive 360 ° consulting service dedicated to all Costadoro customers.

The success of a bar is not just about serving excellent coffee.

Leave nothing to chance because the tiniest detail can make the difference between success and failure: the management of standard procedures, cost analysis, staff training, communication, menu, product display and furnishings

This is why Costadoro offers its customers an exclusive full consultancy service, providing assistance to anyone in optimizing and improving an existing business, or support for those who are starting up a new place from scratch.

An expert team of professionals from the sector works closely with the customer to evaluate every aspect, carrying out careful analysis to identify all possible weaknesses and strengths and providing the best solutions and bespoke proposals, giving support at each stage of planning and execution.

Our consulting service includes a wide-range of professional services and approaches to make sure the objectives are achieved, such as seminars, bar practice sessions, detailed surveys and help from experts and suppliers from the sector as well as equipment maintenance technicians.

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