To express their passion for coffee to the fullest, Costadoro has selected three 100% Arabica blends and one containing a maximum 10% Robusta.

Costadoro’s supply chain is closely checked from the outset and samples are carefully selected from the best plantations around the world.

All our coffee is checked, roasted and evaluated for the right organoleptic qualities by a qualified team; only the best, however, pass this careful selection process prior to being purchased.

First of all, decide whether it’s a coffee you want or a Costadoro!


Costadoro Deciso is characterised by its intense aroma and taste, thanks to the composition of 70% Brazilian Arabica quality and 30% Robusta quality typically from India.

Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab quality is guaranteed by the 100% Arabica premium blend, a result of Costadoro’s experience.


100% Arabica premium blend grown ORGANICALLY and from a FAIRTRADE certified supply chain, fully respecting the environment and the manufacturing ecosystem.


Costadoro Espresso stands out for its intense aroma and balanced taste, thanks to the mix of 90% Arabica and 10% finest quality Robusta.


100% Arabica blend, balanced and characterized by slightly pronounced acidity and a very low level of bitterness.

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