To best express its passion for coffee, Costadoro has selected three 100% Arabica blends, two blends in which a percentage of high quality Robusta is added and a decaffeinated blend to satisfy every need of its customers.

The Costadoro coffee supply chain is monitored right from the start, carefully selecting samples from the best plantations in the world.

Each coffee is checked, roasted and evaluated by a qualified team to verify its organoleptic qualities; only the best, however, pass the careful selection, after which the purchase process is started.

First of all choose if you want to make a coffee or if you want to make a Costadoro!


Blend of excellence 100% Arabica from ORGANIC crops and from a controlled and FAIRTRADE certified supply chain, in full respect of the environment and the productive ecosystem.


Balanced and harmonious blend of 100% Arabica coffee, ideal for bars and pastry shops, sweet and delicate on the palate but rich in aromas.


Blend of 100% Arabica quality, balanced and characterized by a slightly pronounced acidity and a very low level of bitterness.


Coffee blend composed of 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta quality. It is distinguished by its intense aroma and balanced taste.


Coffee blend with a unique balance, a syrupy body and a great olfactory intensity that make it appreciated throughout Italy.


100% decaffeinated Arabica blend, aromatic and balanced, so you never have to give up the taste of a good quality coffee.

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