Cold Brew

Already in use in 18th century Japan, the Cold Brew method produces an intense, concentrated coffee, extracted by a special cold water drip system. The coffee retains all the flavours of the blend with low levels of bitterness. Enjoy on the rocks, or even diluted with other drinks.

Preparation times



What do you need

1 Cold brew coffee maker

Paper disc filters

Cold water and ice

10g coarse ground Costadoro Coffee for every 100 ml of water

*Brewing preparation: 3-6 hours extraction

Discover the method Cold Brew

phase 01

Prepare the filter

Insert the metal filter into the upper opening of the serving carafe and place on the scales. Wash the paper filter in a bowl of water and place it inside the metal filter.

phase 02

Add and weigh coffee

Pour the Costadoro coffee onto the filter paper inside the metal filter: for 600 ml of beverage, the recommended amount is 60 g, which can vary according to the intensity desired. The layer of coffee must be uniformly levelled within the filter.

phase 03

Complete assembly and start slow drip process

Moisten a new filter paper and place it over the coffee. Then place the serving carafe under the dripper bowl previously filled with ice and cold water (preferably filtered or bottled) and allow the ground coffee to absorb the water evenly.

phase 04

Adjust the dripper and conclude preparation

Adjust the flow of water to ensure a constant drip (one drop per second depending on the intensity preferred). Wait for all the water to drip into the serving carafe. The result is a clear clean liquid which will keep in the fridge for several days.

Best Costadoro's coffee for method Cold Brew


Blend of 100% Arabica quality, balanced and characterized by a slightly pronounced acidity and a very low level of bitterness.

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