These days the V60 Dripper is used for traditional filter coffee – it gets its name from the angular sides of the filter. All the aromas are enhanced as the V60 Dripper filters the coffee into a single cup or a jug to share. A pleasure to enjoy and admire.

Preparation times



What do you need

V60 Dripper with paper filter

Glass or mug

Carafe of preheated water

Costadoro Coffee (6g for 100ml)

Coffee Grinder or Costadoro Ground Filter Coffee

Kitchen scales


Discover the method V60

phase 01

Weigh, grind and prepare for filtering

Weigh out the Costadoro Coffee beans (here we are using 12 g) and choose a coarse grind. Wash the V60 Dripper filter in warm water and then empty out the cup.

phase 02

Add coffee and watch the bloom

Place the cup on the scales and add the Costadoro coffee inside the filter (12 g for a 200 ml cup). Start pouring the hot water (filtered or bottle) at 92 ° – 95 ° over the coffee using a circular motion, and leave to infuse for 30 seconds. This is when the coffee blooms and all its fragrances are slowly released.

phase 03

Complete filtering and serve

Continue pouring in the hot water in a circular motion to create “turbulence”. Once the water has been poured in and percolation is complete, remove the V60 Dripper with filter and pour the coffee into a glass. The coffee can be served to your individual taste, using different flavourings or types of sugar.

Best Costadoro's coffee for method V60


Blend of 100% Arabica quality, balanced and characterized by a slightly pronounced acidity and a very low level of bitterness.

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